About FiftyFrance

Since we bought our french house in 2007, our love for France has grown every year.

Charlotte, my wife, is a school teacher and I’m a freelance writer, which has enabled us to spend as much time as possible in this wonderful country.

I’ve never added up the times we’ve visited, but I’m going to do it now, hang on…

86 times, that’s 90 school holidays minus only 4 times we haven’t been, which have generally been half-terms in February.

And we’ve explored, either with friends, or on our own (with daughter Reana), boy how we’ve explored:

Off-season Chamonix, remember the free trains?

Canet, where we first discovered river swimming.

Cessenon sur Orb, where we developed our river swimming habit by spending whole days watching the river flow by.

And, of course, Le Petit Plage at Cad D’Agde, a little snorkelling heaven amidst the French tourist centre.

Well, there it is, the beginnings of this website:

You’ll find definitive guides to the regions of France, to be followed shortly by guides to all departments, then we’re going to start writing about our travel experiences in this most diverse of countries.

à bientôt